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Network security is a self-contradicting philosophy where you need to give absolute access and at the same time provide absolute security. Any enterprise needs to secure itself from two different access of information/transaction for that matter(ex:ftp,http etc.), internal access and external access. Securing the access of information or resources from the external world(WWW) is quite a task to master, that is where the firewalls pitch in.

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Network Security software is an essential tool to keep intruders at bay from your network. This software helps to protect the assets of your company. In case of remote network, this software allows only the legitimate users to access the network of the company remotely.

Computer systems in your company need to be protected with antispyware and antivirus applications. To protect your computer and files, you should lock them with your passwords and special files can be encrypted. Also let the employee’s access to only relevant information required for their work.One of the first defenses against viruses, spyware, malware, Trojans, and hackers is a good desktop security software. That includes an antivirus firewall. A firewall is designed to add a level of protection that is not provided by just an antivirus software alone. It protects by filtering network packets to determine whether or not to send them along to their destination.

Do you need computer network security software? The most popular commercial security software applications focus on only one aspect of security. The entire computer network must be taken into account. Kaspersky Open Space Security protects workstations, file servers and mail servers from all contemporary Internet threats, removes viruses from email, and keeps information secure and fully accessible to network users.

Network Security is a complex problem that we must deal with every day, especially in big companies. Anytime, hackers can plant vulnerable viruses and Trojans to steal valuable data, and cause data loss and network destruction. There are also internal threats, especially from unsatisfied employees with full access to company data.