The CompTIA A+ Certification?

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The CompTIA A+ certification acts as the first building block of your knowledge. It will teach you practically everything needed to be a technician, however, it is not a specialist qualification, rather it is generalist. After taking the A+ certification, it may be to your advantage to go onto a more specialist course, such as the CompTIA Networking+.

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The CompTIA Networking plus extends beyond the generalist area of the a plus certification by focusing on how a technician would manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install and configure a basic network infrastructure. It will validate your knowledge and demonstrate your practical understanding of the concepts, which should be backed up by around 9 months experience in appropriate fields or further academic training, plus the A+ certification. To apply, you will then need to have already taken the a plus certification and have experience in the I.T field, or have taken a degree or equivalent in a relevant course.

The Networking+ is a 90 minute exam, where to pass you must score 720 on a scale 100-900. The exam is made up of a hundred questions. Although there is only one exam, unlike the A plus certification, the score to pass the exam is slightly higher.

The CompTIA Networking + certification is well sought after as it demonstrates to employers not only your willingness to learn, but your commitment to improving your knowledge and skills. This is a top attribute which employer’s love, especially in the I.T field where certifications and technology change every few years.

Every time CompTIA release a new exam, they offer a bridge exam, which bridges the knowledge between the older and the newer certification – in this case the Networking+2005 and 2009. However, once you’re certified, you are certified for life under CompTiA certifications, such as the A + and Networking+. Most people only recertify in order to keep their skills, C.V and knowledge up to date. It is not necessary to recertify, it is however a good way to improve your career prospects.

The Networking+ will give you that much needed boost in your career, enabling you to go for the more specialist post. It will also teach you the specialist knowledge needed for specialist I.T jobs.