CompTIA A+ Practice Test Questions

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The CompTIA A+ practice test is an excellent way to determine the level of comprehension and information retained in the CompTIA A+ certification training course. An entry level IT professional taking the first A+ practice exam should possess the latest real world knowledge and expertise taught in the course detailing security, networks, the basics of computer technology and how to interact and communicate with customers and their needs.

The second CompTIA A+ practice test covers troubleshooting and the ability to examine a maintenance situation, determine the appropriate resolution and how to perform the maintenance in a timely manner. As a whole, the A+ practice exams are a measuring stick determining a student’s ability to successfully pass the Essentials and Practical Applications exams. IT professionals should have at least a minimum of 500 hours of hands on experience before taking the main test.


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The applicant of the A+ practice exam should have a very good working knowledge of Windows, and a fundamental understanding of computer concepts. A+ practice tests are inclusive in the overall information they provide. The beginning content of the objectives involves the actual components of a personal computer, their storage devices and how they connect to the outside world. The CompTIA A+ practice test continues with the operating system, user interface, file system and management tools to keep the OS running smooth. The A+ practice exam details the installation and configuration of system components and peripheral components. Troubleshooting is a very important part of the A plus benefits tests, covering power supplies, storage devices, memory, motherboards and other hardware units. Sections involving Windows include installation, configuration, troubleshooting, backup and recovery and optimization. The A+ practice exams incorporate network connectivity, printers, web browsers, and portable computing devices such as laptops. An important topic to everyone, the A+ practice tests dissects security fundamentals and protection measures.

CompTIA certification training has become a necessary education to obtain, as it shows a commitment to a professional’s craft and a desire to excel in their responsibilities. Contact an A+ certification training solutions provider and begin the path to receiving an A+ certification today.

The A+ Exams are scored on what is called a scale method. This means that some questions and even some answers are worth more than others. The total possible number of points available on each exam is 900. To pass the core hardware exam, you must get a score of 683, and to pass the OS technologies exam you need a score of 614. The good news is they spot you a hundred points on each.

You have 90 minutes to complete the core hardware exam and 90 minutes to complete the OS technologies exam. It’s up to you if you want to take both exams at once on the same day, or if you want to schedule them out on different days. The test used to have free practice questions to be completed within 90 days, but fortunately this is no longer required.