The Advantages of Automating Routine Tasks

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Regardless of the industry, material handling and storage are two essential steps, which will directly affect the overall productivity and efficiency of the whole process. Along with the great progress of technology, numerous solutions are available for storage and space optimization, even for the smallest warehouses. If in the past manufacturers had to handle everything themselves and employ hundreds of human resources to do tedious routine tasks for eight hours a day, and still did not obtain the desired results, nowadays automation can solve all these problems.


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Automation means leaving those routine tasks to automated guided machines, that can do the same task for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without becoming less efficient in time. They have become indispensable in nearly all industries, due to their increased productivity and practicability, providing cost-efficient solutions in numerous industrial applications. Basically, automated machines are perfect for those time-consuming, repetitive and tedious tasks. It is not to say that automated machines should replace human workforce in all aspects, but when an industry involves many routine tasks that take a lot of time and effort, automation can be a life saver. Just think about it, automating routine tasks can decrease administrative responsibilities, while also saving a lot of money, because automated machines can do routine tasks faster, better and more accurate. And besides being extremely cost-efficient and time-efficient, they also eliminate the human error.

In warehouses, for example, automated machines are the perfect solution for storing or handling various objects, be it raw materials or finished products. Automated machines come in a wide range, in various shapes and sizes. The most commonly used automated warehouse storage systems include pallet rack, mezzanine, cantilever, industrial shelving and automated storage and retrieval systems. Within these main categories, you can opt for the type of machine that is best suited for your particular situation, as each category includes various models and types of machines. For example, pallet racks can be selective, drive-thru, drive-in, push-back, double-deep or gravity flow, while mezzanine systems include structural, rack supported, roll formed or shelf supported machines. A cantilever rack also includes structural and roll formed machines, industrial shelving can be made of steel, metal, catwalk and wire, while automated storage and retrieval systems include vertical lift modules, vertical or horizontal carousels, robotics or other.

The efficiency of automated machines is far greater regardless of the industry, due to the numerous features and advantages of automated systems. Instead of exploiting human resources with tedious tasks that become more exhausting each passing day, automating such repetitive tasks will decrease the costs and increase productivity. Automated machines may not be necessary for small shops or businesses, but when it comes to large warehouses and manufacturing settings, without automating you don’t stand a chance against the fierce competition.