History of the Internet and Computers

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Perhaps, the invention of the Internet is one of the biggest inventions in the modern world. In today’s world we can’t think of life without it, may it be for personal or professional use, we all depend upon it so heavily. The internet has changed the face how businesses do business in the current time and how people interact with each other. For convenience, speed, ease of use, and cost purposes it is now used as most effective communication medium or technology today around the world. Needless to say, the evolution of the Internet has paved path for incredible opportunities for people around the world.


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May it be social, economical, cultural and even political use, this life changing technology has touched us all in some form or other. Though, we all are so heavily dependent on the Internet, but experts say whatever we are seeing it today as a technology is just a tip of an iceberg. That’s because the Internet as a technology has tremendous possibilities that would change our life in many ways.

So in short we can say, the Internet as a technology has affected all of us and would also continue to affect in the coming so many years. Gone were the days when the Internet was meant for business or hi-tech people, nowadays it has become a common household technology without which we can’t sustain for even a single day. Almost daily we hear one success story or invention or other, and still the story continues.

Another major invention before the advent of the Internet was the invention of the computers. Frankly speaking, when it comes to the history of computers, there is hardly any single person that could be named as its inventor. However, the first attempt that paved path to the modern computer was Konrad Zuse. Most researchers and experts are of the opinion that it was Z1 machine by Konrad Zuse that gave birth to several innovations that eventually gave birth to the modern day computer. It is believed that this German scientist in 1936 created the first programmable mechanical computing device, which later became the fully programmable device called the computer.