Properties of Another Kind of Lcd Module

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kinds of lcd modules appear in the world. synlink lcd module can provide you the best solutions in your application only if you have a MCU. Except that, another kind of LCD module appears in the market, the main properties as follows:

Built 512KByte the ROM font code, you can display Chinese fonts, numbers, symbols, English and Japanese Owen and other letters, and built-in dual-layer (Two Page) display memory.


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In text mode, you can receive the standard Chinese characters within the code to display Chinese directly, without the need to enter the graphics mode to graphically depict the Chinese, the microprocessor can save a lot of time to improve the processing efficiency of liquid crystal display Chinese.

The liquid crystal display module in addition to supporting 8080/6800 Series MCU, but also provide 4-Bit or 8-Bit data bus interface (factory setting).

Support the text and Graphics display mode supports 2 Page display mode (And, Or, Nor, Xor), built-in two 4.8K / 9.6 K Byte display RAM (Display Data RAM), and can be made into 4 bands display.

Built 512KByte ROM, control IC and IC sub-band Traditional character font with Simplified IC (factory set), where standard Traditional Chinese BIG5 code, contains 13,094 commonly used and the times used fonts, special characters and two sets of 408 ASCII CODE, Simplified character code storage standard GB 7602 Simplified Chinese. Provide full-width (16 × 16) and half-size (8 × 16) text display mode.

With the cursor, highlight, blink function, and the cursor height and width adjustable; support the screen to scroll horizontally and vertically scrolling. Support can be directly read out the font used by the ROM; built-in bold font and spacing settings.

RSCG240128A01 is a 5.0-inch Chinese drawing dot-matrix liquid crystal LCD screen, using 3.3v or 5V power supply, LED backlight design, wide LCD screen design, with RA8806L2N-S TFT LCD controller chips, display 240 (column) × 128 (rows) dot matrix, dual layer display, the ROM has 512KByte glyph code and GB2312 simplified Chinese character, strengthen immunity LCD screen design.