Some Disadvantages Of Computer Technology

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Everything today is run by technology. Security system runs the security for our house, web hosting monitors our web site, and programmable software does our task such as recording, calculating, and data transferring. You just have to program it to do a specific task, and it will do what you wish it to do. No questions ask. That is how great technology can do to people today.


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On the other hand, let us not always look at the good side because everything has a bad side as well. Computer technology too, has it. It is not all the time that it works the way we want it to be. There will come a time that it will stop working. Why? It is because of many reasons. For example, our computer gets infected by a computer virus and you don’t know it because the computer virus is too strong that the antivirus that we have can’t detect it. This virus can go through our files and software, destroy it, and stop it from working. When this happens, doing your daily task will stop too. When it is left behind, it can lead to worse things such as destruction and deletion of our files, and even system failure. If this happens, you might even need to replace your computer with a new one.

With all of this, you still cannot rely on your entire task with the use of technology. Make it a point that you also do it yourself even some times.