Synchronized Clock Systems Made Easy!

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Here at The Sapling Company, we are proud to announce the latest upgrade to our website, the Configuration Station. You may ask yourself, what is the Configuration Station? And what does it do for me?These questions are easily answered after your first walkthrough of the system.After years of development as well as testing,the Configuration Station is finally ready for its introduction to our customers,so please pay attention as we describe this new and wonderful tool on our website and the benefits it can provide for you.

The Configuration Station is a step-by-step process in which a user can select one of Sapling’s wireless,wired, or IP synchronized clock systems.The user will build around it all the necessary clocks, accessories and options to completely customize the system around their building or project.The user is asked what kind of customer they are, such as a dealer, an architect or engineer, or an end-user (i.e. building or property manager) and presented with a selection of documents that may be chosen at the user’s discretion.After designating the type of customer and the documents the user is seeking out,they will begin to build their system; choosing the type of system,master clock,digital and analog clocks, and all accessories needed.


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After their system is built, the user will enter their contact information in order to retrieve the documents they selected in the first step.This is where the Configuration Station shows its true capabilities.An email is sent to the user containing engineering specifications and a bill of materials that have been dynamically built around the user’s product selection.When the user opens their engineering specification, descriptions of each product chosen will have dropped into their designated place on the document, providing a furnished specification that is ready to go to bid.The bill of materials will take note of each product chosen throughout each step of the Configuration Station and list them by the item number,part number,description, and quantity.Additionally, the bill of materials provides a blank space next to every product selected. When the user is ready to receive a quote for their new synchronized clock system, a Sapling Sales Representative will take those blank spaces and fill in the current price of each product.

During the building process, The Configuration Station also drops important documentation about each product selected into the email.These documents are the spec sheets and installation manuals of the chosen products,which provide detailed weights and dimensions of the product, as well as directions on installing the product. With this feature, visitors of our website no longer have to spend time searching for spec sheets or manuals. All they need to do now is build a system in the Configuration Station and have their desired product specs all dropped into one convenient file.

With the years spent developing this highly dynamic and useful tool for our website,we encourage all of our customers and website visitors to use The Configuration Station whenever they would like.Build as many systems as you prefer,create a bill of materials or engineering specification, and most of all,use it to save yourself time and headache when putting together a synchronized clock system for their facility.