Tips About Choosing Professions And RIFT Platinum

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RIFT is becoming more and more popular with every passing day. In a very short span is has succeeded in gathering the attention of thousands of MMORPG players around the globe. The game is truly gripping and has some novel concepts which have made some critics call it the best game in several years. However, the game costs you money to engage in. The worst part is that it doesn’t only cost you money for buying it in the first place; it will keep costing you every month! Recurring cost is not something that you will welcome but the cost is pretty affordable. But beware, the game is very addictive and classy and once you register for it, rest assured that you’ll be paying the subscription amount month after month for many months to come. The present RIFT can go to only level 50 but there is a belief among players that it’s going to be escalated.


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Because a lot of players have joined the game environment in so few days and quite a few have quickly leapfrogged to higher levels, a new player may feel intimidating while joining the game. However, there is no need to pains as there are provisions in the game that ensure leveling up to a certain level. If you want complete leveling up, there is provision of getting what we call as “Rift platinum”. It is the virtual money of RIFT and could be used to buy virtually anything in a particular level. This can help you shoot up the echelons and catch up with other players.

You can buy rift platinum at very low prices because these are early days and level up. However, this is the limit up to which the platinum can help you. You will have to figure out the rest of strategy yourself. Strategy making quest starts from choosing your professions in RIFT. You will need to choose your 3 profession from out of 7 crafting and 3 gathering professions. Make sure that the professions you chose are interrelated and one profession can make the best out of the others. Do not make the fatal mistake of choosing all 3 gathering professions or 3 professions all from crafting. Mix them up nicely so that you are able to form your weapons and get the best out of your game. Another strategy is to pick up professions which are independent of some other profession listed. This way you would not have to worry about the harmony between the various professions. It should also be noted that some of the profession may be used more effectively to make Platinum and gold. However, with so much cheap RIFT platinum you can buy, your main aim should be improving your skills and you should worry about gold and Platinum a bit later in the game.