What is CompTIA Network+ certification

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Network+ (Network Plus) is a mid-level certification for network technicians. This Network+ certification is designed to test the competency of a mid-level network technician in supporting and configuring TCP/IP clients in terms of network design, cabling, hardware setup, configuration, installation, support, and troubleshooting.

The Network+ certification is sponsored by CompTIA, which is the Computing Technology Industry Association (formerly ABCD: The Microcomputer Industry Association).


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The Network+ exam contains situational, traditional, and identification types of questions. All of the questions are multiple choice, and there is only one answer for each question. The Network+ exam is open to anybody, although it is designed to be taken by those with at least 18 months of on-the-job experience as a network technician, as well as the A+ certification or equivalent knowledge.

The exam has 60 to 70 questions with a 90-minute time limit. A passing score is 68%. The Network+ exam tests the ability of a networking technician to install, maintain, troubleshoot, and support a network, and understand various aspects of networking technologies, including TCP/IP and the OSI model. It also tests knowledge of network components and where they function in association with the OSI model, network cabling, network security, and network troubleshooting. For individuals that receive n10-004 network prior to December 31, 2010, re-certification is not required when the test is revised. Those receiving certification January 1, 2011, or later, will need to re-obtain certification after three years.

CompTIA also sponsors certification for document imaging (Certified Document Imaging Architect [CDIA]) and a hardware certification exam (A+). The CompTIA Network+ certification are usually more basic and less product-specific than other certifications, such as Microsoft’s MCSE or a Novell CNE. You can take the Network+ certification exam, as well as many other certifications, at a number of testing centers around the world. You can register online for an exam via Thomson Prometric.

Network+ Certification is an industry-wide, vendor-neutral certification program developed and support by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). The Network+ Certification shows that you have a basic competency in the physical suport of networking systems and knowledge of the conceptual aspects of networking. The test covers the knowledge that a network technician with at least 9 months of networking experience should have. CompTIA Network+ exam cost knowledge or background, but does not require an A+ Certification to take the Network+ exam. Network+ Certification enjoys wide recognition throughout the IT industry. At first, it rode in on the coat tails of the successful a+ certification program, but it now stands on its own in the networking industry. Having a Network Certification notably improves your ability to get and keep a job. It also serves as a stepping stone to more networking certificate programs.