The Environment Sees The Light And Changes Without a Flicker!

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More and more people seem to be switching their thoughts to ways of creating a significantly improved environmentally friendly way of life, and as such Green lantern Industries (GLI) are right up with the market leaders when it comes to energy saving light bulbs. Their high quality range is every bit as reliable as the traditional type, but at a much cheaper outlay. They are efficient to an extent not previously considered and come in all shapes and sizes, to fit in with any necessity. The florescent tubes have also met with some loud disapproving noises in the past, but GLI are ahead of the game with these too.


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They have three differing lengths of tubing of 2 feet, 4 feet and 5 feet in their T8 series of LED tubes, at 10, 20 and 25 watts, respectively. Analysis proved that previously in excess of 90% of an old incandescent bulb was wasted as escaping heat, meaning less than 10% was actually contributing light – which after all is what they are designed for. In line with all GLI energy light bulbs, the superseding version creates very little heat, consequently the energy produced goes directly into generating light. The halogen bulbs have met with some criticism recently, but they too are getting more socially acceptable as the penny seems to be dropping globally regarding the importance of the move towards the energy saving light bulbs option.

The new improved bulbs last on average, up to 6 years; a time span unthinkable in a standard bulb. Gone are the days of constant flickering and dim lighting that previously might have been associated with energy saving light bulbs. Nowadays they emit a powerful glow giving a comfortable feel to any surroundings. The first class website of GLI should be browsed for a real educational experience at alternatively give them a call @ (212) 515-2390, or Flick the switch, both the pocket and the environment feel the benefit.