Usher in The Spring of Plasma Into The Focus of China’s Industry Leading Changhong

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Intelligence and 3D plasma era brought great good, so that countries such as Japan and South Korea-US companies are eager to further develop and expand the plasma industry. Recently, the China Video Industry Association Professional Committee of the plasma, a subsidiary of Changhong COC Display Devices Co., Ltd. from the United States, Japan, South Korea’s international experts gathered in Beijing plasma, plasma at 2011 International Symposium. With the China market has become an important strategic development of the plasma industry, the industrial development of China’s plasma Changhong became the leading four countries Japan and South Korea-US business focus.


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International experts have said the display industry usher in the spring of plasma:
With the comprehensive intelligence and the arrival of the 3D era, from the U.S. and Japan and South Korea’s international display industry experts have demonstrated a strong confidence in the development of the plasma.

Is considered the industry benchmark of the inventor of AC-PDP, said Professor T. Shinoda, plasma display technology from Japan, South Korea is now in rapid development of Japan and South Korea as the core of the pattern to the core of the Chinese market, Changhong has made a very large contribution. 2010 shipments of plasma worldwide hit a record high of 19 million units. Plasma display technology in large-size display, power consumption, resolution, 3D technology, intelligent technology, etc. have shown a strong technological advances and advantages. Plasma display technology is the future of the mainstream, we present the plasma industry is very optimistic.

Korea Society for Information Display, president Ki-WoongWhang professor, said the recent plasma business has been profitable in the display manufacturers and supporting manufacturers, the plasma production volume has more than the LCD. Market demand and trends in the display industry to bring the plasma gave an excellent opportunity after years of hard work, plasma and finally usher in his good time.

Matsushita Display Devices R & D leader R. Murai of the plasma display industry showed great confidence, he said, 3D and intelligent TV demand is rising, 2013, 3D TV will account for the entire TV market needs more than 30%.

Changhong plasma chief scientist Dr. Yan Qun said, because the plasma with high luminous efficiency, ultra-fine display, energy and large-screen technology, the 42-inch large-size display with high resolution, rapid response, multi-angle, low vision fatigue and other unique advantages of fast response, high-definition display, full of natural color fidelity, multi-angle, low visual fatigue and other comparative advantages, has become the market acceptance of 3D imaging, high-definition sports, eye protection and other technology and Internet audio and video entertainment applications the best carrier. With the introduction of 3D standard, 3D TV market is entering a rapid growth path.

China Video Association Professional Committee of plasma Director Lin Fang-yuan said that the current core of a video for the integration of many industries, new economic tide is rising worldwide, the entire consumer electronics industry has entered the digital intelligent technology, display technology, environmental protection and energy saving product and content integration as an opportunity to transition critical stage. Different display technologies, with different segments of the market, and in the intelligence of 3D wave, the plasma shows a strong market advantage.

Japan and South Korea-US joint industry to do masterpiece strong plasma:
Intelligence and 3D plasma era brought great good, so that countries such as Japan and South Korea-US business and trade associations eager to further develop and expand the plasma industry. International experts and industry representatives said that the Chinese market has become an important industrial development of plasma strategically, Changhong is the development of China’s plasma industry, the main driving force. And Japan-Korea joint development of plasma, plasma technology innovation to accelerate the cooperation model are discussed.

At present, Changhong has a screen from the production line to the current overall yield on their products more than 90%, the highest single-day comprehensive product yield reached 97%, to achieve and maintain Panasonic, Samsung, the same level. Rapid technological advance, and have achieved remarkable results, so Changhong have the full flat-panel TV show’s core competitiveness. Data shows that in China, Changhong plasma TV sales accounted for more than 50% market share.

Ovid Consulting study shows that China’s current market fundamentals in the plasma and the Panasonic Changhong led in 2010 the growth rate of China’s plasma market rising, plasma flat panel display status in China rising. 2011 January to April, the plasma growth rate of more than 30%, while the LCD is only 6.6%. Especially in the 3D era of rapid progress, TCL, Hisense and so more and more companies have joined the plasma camp, has made China the supply of plasma panels a little tight. Next few years, the plasma in the Chinese market will remain less than 30% of rapid growth.

Secretary-General of the International Society for Information Display, said Professor Yong-SeogKim, International Society for Information Display will build a training program to develop the Chinese market, plasma research and technical staff training programs, support the development of China’s plasma business.

Yong-SeogKim professor said, we are focusing on China, because China’s plasma market is growing rapidly, and Changhong plasma career good rapid development, which the International Society for Information Display and the plasma industry has great potential.

In the United States, the International Society for Information Display currently has more than 7,000 members worldwide, about 30% of the members from the United States. Association every year in major cities in the United States held a world-class meeting and display information industry conference, held forums, publications.