Dell: Smartphones Will not Replace PCs

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Dell-Smartphones-Will-not-Replace-PCs That was Michael Dell, Dell CEO, who said that mobile devices will not manage to kill the PC. It is still unknown whether one device will replace another.

He considers that every user will be enabled with a lot devices, each dedicated for a particular task. Some of them users will be able to carry with them, others will be used for consuming content. It means that a smartphone or any other mobile device will become a multi-functional computer used for a specific work, social networking, communication, as well as entertainment. Since 2008, users have bought a quarter of a billion smarphones that are used for traditional PC work tasks, be it sending e-mail or composing a document.

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Actually, the application infrastructure is growing up significantly around devices such as the iPad. But it can only mean the creation of new users but not new demand.

Michael Dell introduced a prototype of Android Streak smartphone of the company. The device is equipped with a Citrix receiver, due to which he is provided with a choice of several desktop environments, social media apps like Twitter and Facebook as well as Android apps. The Streak is expected to be available next month. It will be offered by Telefónica O2 in Europe and AT&T in the United States. Of course, there were attendees who liked the device. Others supposed the Android phone from Dell is too little. Moreover, it is too late for the device to compete with BlackBerry or iPhone.

Dell also unveiled the XenClient technology, which will get the certification. Moreover, it will be available for OptiPlex desktop client systems as well as Dell Latitude laptops.