Slicing Web Design: Why Is It Necessary

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A website contains several images and graphics that are intended for both presentational and informational purposes. The web developers create and design the images and graphics using software platform such as Adobe Photoshop due to its flexibility and easy usage. However, they face an issue in loading these image file sot the pages in the website. The flies make the web pages heavy because of which they take more time in loading. A website that is slow in loading can cause the users to lose interest in it. The users may move onto other sites costing the online company valuable business. Slicing web design is an effective solution for this issue.


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The process involves slicing the designs or graphics into several sections and then placing them in tables in the website. There are several advantages in implementing this technique. A large graphic or design may take time in loading. However, the method enables each small section of the graphic to load independently and thus, at a better speed. This ensures that the users have a pleasant experience viewing the website contrary to waiting for the images to render slowly. Slicing the web designs and images also enables the designer to place them in a format that is aesthetic and pleasing.

An important process for an effective website design is PSD to WordPress. This makes the website user friendly. The conversion is done keeping in line with the regulations put forward by the W3C and so minimizes the errors. This enables the website to secure a higher rank in comparison to other websites. Numerous web development organizations specialize in converting files from PSD formats to WordPress. Their quality focused approach and expertise in PSD conversions can boost the popularity of the website among the online audience.

Another technique that helps in designing search engine friendly websites is to convert PSD to Joomla. Joomla is popular among web developers since because of its versatility and easy to use features. It can be used to create websites that are functional and reliable. Another main reason for the converting PSD files to Joomla is that it supports cross browser compatibility. As a result, the online users have the flexibility to view the website using the web browser of their choice. This can increase the popularity of the website and route more online traffic towards it. It also enhances the overall layout of the web pages and adds a professional look and feel to the website.