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Big Data without good analytics can lead to bad decisions

Big Data does not necessarily mean Good Data. And that, as an increasing number of experts are saying more insistently, means Big Data does not automatically yield good analytics. If the data is incomplete, out of context or otherwise contaminated, … Continue reading

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Motorola uses NFC to enable touch-to-unlock for smartphones

The next best thing to a password pill, the Motorola Skip can both bolster a smartphone’s security and make it more convenient to use. Earlier this year, Motorola’s head of advanced technologies Regina Dugan discussed an alternative to the increasingly … Continue reading

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How big data is a key part of Intel’s data centre vision

Intel recently shared its long-term strategic vision of how corporate data centers will evolve. Big Data processing plays a central role, driven by a future of escalating data volumes from mobile, cloud, and “Internet of Things” sources. Intel is starting … Continue reading

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CN0-201: CompTIA CTP+ Certification Exam

QUESTION 1 H.323 is a group of protocols defined by the International Telecommunication Union for multimedia conferences over Local Area Networks. H.323 uses ASN.1 binary code. Which of the following layers of the OSI model is responsible for translating, processing, … Continue reading

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220-801: CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

QUESTION 1 Which of the following is a public IP address? A. B. C. D. Answer: B Explanation: QUESTION 2 Which of the following ports MUST be open to connect to a PC using RDP? A. … Continue reading

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Moto X vs. iPhone 5: Head to head

A look at how the latest Android flagship stacks up against Apple’s top-of-the-line model Last week’s rollout of the Motorola Moto X was headline-making for several reasons. Beyond the obvious novelty of being the first flagship release from the company … Continue reading

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CompTIA Executive Compensation: Big Profits From Nonprofits

Four years ago a CRN investigative report revealed the Computing Technology Industry Association, better known as CompTIA, was paying high salaries to its top executives, including a controversial $1 million bonus to then-CEO John Venator in 2006, despite the association’s … Continue reading

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