C9060-800 Fundamentals of Applying IBM Spectrum Computing V1

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Number of questions: 65
Number of questions to pass: 40
Time allowed: 90 mins
Status: Live

This exam consists of 6 sections described below.

Section 1: Discovery 12%
Determine customer’s existing applications and computing needs.
Determine the size and details of customers physical computing environment.
Determine the appropriate management framework: Symphony, LSF, Conductor, Conductor with Spark, Spectrum Cluster Foundation.
Assess client application onboarding requirements.

Section 2: Solution Proposal 18%
Describe the value proposition for Spectrum Computing solutions.
Respond to RFIs and RFPs.
Describe how Spectrum Computing can help consolidate existing compute infrastructures.
Describe the competitive landsacpe for Spectrum Computing offerings.
Recommend best practice for compute environments.
Describe High Performance Services offerings on SoftLayer (HPC Cloud).
Identify if a customer requires professional services for an IBM Spectrum Computing solution.
Identify Spectrum Computing products to increase resource utilization.
Explain difference between open source and Spectrum Compute solutions.
Describe and differentiate: LSF, Symphony and Conductor.
Describe Host Grouping.
Explain Spectrum Compute capabilities for managing application data.

Section 3: IBM Spectrum Conductor 11%
Describe benefits of Conductor.
Describe the Conductor architecture.
Define and deploy an application template.
Describe user management and security in Conductor.
Describe reporting features in Conductor.
Describe Conductor API.
Describe licensing models for Conductor.

Section 4: IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark 9%
Describe the benefits and value of Conductor with Spark.
Describe Conductor with Spark instance groups.
Describe Conductor with Spark notebooks.

Section 5: IBM Spectrum LSF 31%
Describe the benefits of IBM Spectrum LSF.
Explain workload management in LSF.
Describe IBM Spectrum LSF architecture.
Describe user management and security in IBM Spectrum LSF.
Describe licensing models for IBM Spectrum LSF.
Describe IBM Spectrum LSF product add-ons.
Describe LSF use cases.
Describe reporting features in LSF.

Section 6: IBM Spectrum Symphony 19%
Describe the benefits of Spectrum Symphony.
Describe the Spectrum Symphony Architecture.
Describe user management and security in Symphony.
Describe how to onboard an application with Spectrum Symphony.
Describe resource management in Spectrum Symphony.
Describe reporting features in Symphony.
Describe licensing models for Symphony.

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Classroom Course

Course Title: IBM Spectrum LSF Basic Configuration and Administration for Linux

Course Abstract: This course teaches IBM Spectrum LSF 10.1 version.
The course is designed to give system administrators the knowledge required to implement and maintain LSF in their working environment. They will gain a solid understanding of workload resource management, cluster configuration and administration. The workshops provide valuable experience with the installation of LSF, cluster configuration and administration. The system administrator will also learn helpful hints and tips and develop fundamental troubleshooting skills.

IBM Spectrum Computing solutions (formerly known as IBM Platform Computing solutions) deliver the power of managing, sharing, and optimizing resources for analytics, cloud, technical computing, and more in distributed computing environments.

These solutions use intelligent workload and policy-driven resource management to optimize resources throughout the data center, both on premises and in the cloud, and are faster, more flexible, and scalable to over 160,000 cores. IBM Spectrum Computing solutions use advances in software-defined infrastructure that can help you take advantage of the power of your distributed computing environment.

New IBM Redbooks content explores the IBM Spectrum Computing family of solutions and shows you the opportunities that these solutions can bring to your business.

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