C9550-001 IBM Operational Decision Manager Advanced V8.8 Application Development

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Number of questions: 59
Number of questions to pass: 37
Time allowed: 90 mins
Status: Live

This exam consists of 6 sections described below.

Section 1.0 Business Rule Analysis, Design, and Implementation 29%
Analyze requirements and model decision points for Busines Rules applications
Create, Design, and Customize Business Object Model
Define Decision Services
Author Decision Artifacts
Identify and develop the appropriate rule execution invocation pattern

Section 2.0 Business Rule Governance and Testing 14%
Manage users, groups, roles, and permissions
Define, execute, and analyze test scenarios and simulation reports for Business Console
Manage decision service lifecycle

Section 3.0 Business Rule Deployment, Execution, and Monitoring 17%
Analyze, optimize, and troubleshoot decision service execution
Build and deploy Decision Services
Manage and monitor the Rule Execution Server

Section 4.0 Insights Solution Analysis, Design, and Implementation 25%
Analyze and model event-driven architecture for a domain to implement a DSI solution
Implement a business model definition for a Decision Server Insights solution
Design and implement Aggregates
Develop solution extensions
Design and implement agents
Author Action Rules for Decision Server Insights

Section 5.0 Insights Solution Deployment and Execution 7%
Define, configure, and deploy Decision Server Insights Connectivity
Deploy Decision Server Insights solutions

Section 6.0 Insights Solution Testing, Performance, and Tuning 8%
Test Decision Server Insights solutions
Configure, monitor, and optimize Decision Server Insights solutions

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This exam has an Assessment Exam option: A9550-001 Assessment: IBM Operational Decision Manager Advanced V8.8 Application Development

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Review the exam objectives to see the complete listing of possible topics for the exam. Use this as your checklist to determine your strengths and those areas where you will need to focus more attention in your studies and preparation. This information also includes recommend prerequisite skills and knowledge.

Actual hands-on experience is a critical component in preparing for the exam. Direct application of the skills learned cannot be substituted by any one other resource listed here. You must spend time using the product and applying the skills learned. The exam is looking to measure how well you know how to perform tasks, not how well you memorize features and functions.
Online course

Developing Solutions with IBM Decision Server Insights V8.8

In this course, you learn about the main features of the Decision Server Insights component of IBM Operational Decision Manager Advanced V8.8.

Developing Rule Solutions in IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.8

This course introduces developers to IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.8. You learn the concepts and skills that you need to design, develop, and integrate a business rule solution with Operational Decision Manager.

IBM Occupational Decision Manager V8.8 Documentation

Welcome to the IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.8 documentation, where you can find information about how to install, maintain, and use IBM Operational Decision Manager products. IBM Operational Decision Manager provides a platform for capturing, automating, and governing frequently occurring, repeatable business decisions.

PartnerWorld Code: 15001802
Replaces PW Code: 15001801

Status: Live
This intermediate level certification is intended for application developers with a working knowledge of the IBM Operational Decision Manager Advanced V8.8 platform needed to develop decision management solutions (business rules applications and insights applications). These application developers have gained practical experience through the design and implementation of decision management solutions using IBM Operational Decision Manager Advanced V8.8. In particular, application developers need to demonstrate their experience with:

Business rules applications:
decision analysis, design, development, and testing
decision governance
decision service deployment, execution, and application integration
decision application performance tuning
customization of business user experience

Insights applications:
solution design, development, and testing
solution deployment
solution connectivity and application integration
solution performance, tuning, and availability

These application developers are expected to be generally self-sufficient and be able to perform the tasks involved in the role with occasional assistance from peers, product documentation, or vendor support services.

Recommended Prerequisite Skills

Knowledge and foundational skills one needs to possess before acquiring skills measured on the certification test. These foundational skills are NOT measured on the test. For skills measured on the test, see Test Objectives.)
Experience with Java Standard Edition
Experience with Eclipse
Experience with Java application servers
Knowledge of Java Enterprise Edition
Knowledge of business modeling skills
Knowledge of business rule modeling skills
Basic Excel skills
Basic XML skills
Basic knowledge of Ant scripting
Basic knowledge of application connectivity, including web services
Basic knowledge of in-memory grid computing
Basic understanding of Software Configuration Management practices

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