C9550-403 IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances Firmware V6.0, System Administration

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Number of questions: 56
Number of questions to pass: 34
Time allowed: 115 mins
Status: Live

The test consists of six sections containing a total of approximately 56 multiple-choice questions. The percentages after each section title reflect the approximate distribution of the total question set across the sections.

Section 1 – Foundation Skills 16%
Demonstrate understanding of the characteristics and concepts of networking and virtualization.
Demonstrate understanding of message data formats (e.g., SOAP, JSON, binary) and protocols (e.g., MQ, JMS, HTTP).
Demonstrate understanding of security concepts such as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), threat protection, authentication and authorization mechanisms.
Select the appropriate usage scenarios for High Availability and Disaster Recovery.
Demonstrate knowledge of life cycle models.

Section 2 – Appliance Set-up and Configuration 21%
Perform initial setup and enablement of the administrative interfaces.
Configure network interfaces and network services including VLAN, NTP, link speed, routing, etc.
Configure the DataPower appliance for high availability.
Demonstrate understanding of DataPower domain concepts such as resource sharing and domain visibility.
Perform secure backups of the DataPower appliance for disaster recovery (DR).
Identify appropriate firmware images for a DataPower appliance, and perform an upgrade.

Section 3 – Appliance Management Mechanisms 14%
Use different administrative interfaces (e.g., CLI, WebGUI, XML Management).
Use the WebSphere Appliance Management Center (WAMC) to manage appliances and service configurations.
Automate routine tasks.

Section 4 – Security Management 13%
Configure users and roles for local Role Based Management (RBM).
Configure Role Based Management (RBM) with an external repository.
Manage cryptographic artifacts and configuration.

Section 5 – Solution Life Cycle Management 11%
Deploy DataPower services to like or different environments.
Configure deployment policies and deployment policy variables.
Use patterns for deploying services.

Section 6 – Logging, Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Resource Management 25%
Configure system or audit logs and events.
Analyze system or audit logs and events.
Use the different problem determination tools that are available to WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances.
Configure Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps or notifications
Configure certificate monitoring.
Configure DataPower appliances to interface with health and service monitoring systems such as IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager (ITCAM) for SOA or IBM SmartCloud Monitoring & Application Performance Management.
Configure DataPower appliances to optimize system resources.

The sample test is designed to give the candidate an idea of the content and format of the questions that will be on the certification exam. Performance on the sample test is NOT an indicator of performance on the certification exam. This should not be considered an assessment too

To prepare for this test, it is first recommended that you are familiar with the job role description and the parameters this certification is based on, as well as have knowledge of the topics outlined in the test objectives/skills measured on the test. Compare your own technical level to the test objectives and the recommended training resources, and then determine for yourself how much preparation you require. Note that these educational sources are recommended, but not required (*) before taking a certification test.

Before preparing for the certification test, it is recommended that you measure your current level of skill by taking the Sample Test (located from the “Sample/Assessment test” link above)..

You can prepare for the test through the Tutor Approach (classroom, instructor led course, and other sources) or the Self-Study Approach. Sources within each approach collectively cover the skills measured on the test.

To prepare via the Tutor Approach, refer to the sources with an * in front of them. Note that per this formula, you are only required to take 1 course.

To prepare via the Self-Study Approach, omit the course, and refer to all other sources with and without the * in front.

(*) Notes:

The recommended educational resources listed are not intended to be a substitute for, but should complement, relevant practical experience.
Extensive product knowledge is required to pass the test.
Every effort has been made to make the recommended educational resources as complete and as accurate as possible, but no warranty of fitness is implied. The resources provided are on an as is basis. IBM shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damages arising from course or publication content..


WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance: The XML Management Interface

* DataPower SOA Appliance Administration, Deployment, and Best Practices

Web Resource

Self-balancing support

* Setting Event Subscriptions

* Generating keys and certificates

* Configuring the DataPower SOA appliance for monitoring

* JSON Examples

* Creating a host alias

* Protecting against single message XML denial-of-service attacks

* Copy command



* Resource management and analysis best practices for WebSphere DataPower

Creating a SNMP Logging Target

Testing TCP connectivity

* JSON schema validation example

* Creating a pattern from a pattern

Working with IP packet captures -> Filter expression syntax

* RBM with LDAP authentication

Secure-backup from the CLI

* boot image

* show standby

* Protect stored cardholder data

Enabling self-balancing

Configuring appliances for HA

Deployment policy builder

Identifying supported libraries

* TechNote 1509220: One expired certificate brings down all certificates in the DataPower Validation Credential

* Latency messages in DataPower Appliances

* Creating a reverse proxy

Object status providers

* Defining standby control

* Defining cryptographic profiles

* Secure backup-restore for WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances

Working with IP packet captures

* mode

* Setting Object Filters

SNMP Settings

* FetchFile action

Determining firmware images to download

User group accounts

Procedure 4 of 4: Accepting the license agreement

* WebGUI session time out on IBM WebSphere DataPower appliance

* Service Patterns

Creating a Host Alias

Deploying Firmware to Appliances

Enabling XML file captures

Deploying the OVF Package

Working with XML file captures

* MustGather: Troubleshooting problems with WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance configuration objects

Start of String and End of String Anchors

* Deployment Policy Variables feature on IBM WebSphere DataPower Appliance

* Using OAuth on IBM WebSphere DataPower Appliances, Part 4: Using DataPower OAuth 2.0 with the resource owner password

Backing up and exporting configuration data

* Creating an SSL Proxy service

Specifying the access policy

* Template command

* New CLI/XML management feature of

* Configuring Ethernet interfaces

logging target

XML management interface

* Flash commands

* Load Balancing (Computing)

* ntp command



Procedure 2 of 4: Initializing the appliance

* configure terminal

* packet-capture-advanced

configure terminal

* Classless Inter-Domain Routing

* WebSphere DataPower spikes with high CPU when WebSphere MQ connection is unavailable


PartnerWorld Code: 15004701
Replaces PW Code: Not Applicable

Status: Live

This intermediate level certification is intended for system administrators who are responsible for installing, configuring, troubleshooting and deploying solutions using IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances. This includes the WebSphere DataPower Service Gateway and the WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance, both physical and virtual. These administrators manage IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances by maintaining firmware, securing implementations, integrating heterogeneous systems, enabling monitoring and service-level management for SOA governance, and gathering diagnostic data.

These system administrators are also required to have skills on WebSphere Appliance Management Center. They are required to have skills to integrate with supported monitoring standards such as SNMP and the WebSphere Services Management record, and a conceptual understanding of the WebSphere DataPower B2B Appliance and WebSphere DataPower XC10 (caching) Appliance.

These system administrators are generally self-sufficient and are able to perform most of the tasks involved in the role with limited assistance from peers, product documentation and vendor support services.

To attain the IBM Certified System Administrator – IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances Firmware V6.0 certification, candidates must pass 1 test. To gain additional knowledge and skills, and prepare for this test based on the job role and test objectives, take the link to the tests below, and refer to the Test preparation tab.
Recommended Prerequisite Skills

Knowledge and foundational skills one needs to possess before acquiring skills measured on the certification test. These foundational skills are NOT measured on the test. For skills measured on the test, see Test Objectives.)

Basic networking skills.
Understand DataPower appliances in order to select the appropriate appliance and service type.

This certification requires 1 exam

Exam Required:
Click on the link below to see exam details, exam objectives, suggested training and sample tests.

C9550-403 – IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances Firmware V6.0 System Administration

Each test:
contains questions requiring single and multiple answers. For multiple-answer questions, you need to choose all required options to get the answer correct. You will be advised how many options make up the correct answer.

is designed to provide diagnostic feedback on the Examination Score Report, correlating back to the test objectives, informing the test taker how he or she did on each section of the test. As a result, to maintain the integrity of each test, questions and answers are not distributed.

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