Comp TIA Security+
For those who are already certified or are looking to be certified in the Comp TIA sphere, listen up, for a bit of a change is underway. Know that for the 2008 edition – specifically pertaining to the Security+ exam – it will be launched with an updated IT twist. Changes are not drastic here though, but rather quite straightforward with reasoning to stay on the cutting edge and morph with the change that is ever-constant in the IT security industry. The intent on modifying and, in a sense, regenerating the attached examination for the 2008 Security+ edition is to better prepare and maintain not only the outstanding and evolving excellence in which Comp TIA Certification transfers to it’s certified individuals, but also to more proactively combat and defeat the new security issues that are currently on course and becoming more of a hazard.

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An Ever-Changing and Rapidly Evolving IT Industry
As we all well know, technologies are never created and simply finished or finalized. Almost always, there are imminent changes – whether visible or unanticipated – on the IT horizon with transformations continually being planned and blue-printed, improvements invariably being made around the clock. And with technological evolution it’s imperative to recognize that what must also change is the knowledge pushing and backing up the involved technologies. The aforementioned holds much truth to it, especially if effectiveness and adeptness in a desired field (in this case being IT security) is what a professional requires and desires.

This notion of continual progression and adapting, bettering as one goes along, in technological terms, carries over into the IT certification industry, especially within the realm of security.

Comp TIA Security+ Rundown
As the international and vendor-neutral certification validating a slew of varying IT security knowledge ranging from access control, cryptography, assessment and audits, network infrastructure, standard organizational security as well as systems security (and so on), such a certification is bound to be at the whim of how IT security issues arise, amplify and evolve. And currently, new forms of security issues have been popping up and many industry heads have taken notice. As such, the Security+ examination’s structure and contents were taken into consideration for alteration and later (being now) planned to be put into action, making definite modifications happen.

Think of this modification situation from a preparatory stance. As incoming dangers emerge and attacks are conducted, most times, they unveil themselves as different and even stronger than before. So, therefore, by refreshing and adapting the current knowledge, as to combat current trends, professionally battling and winning against these IT terrors can be fully achieved.

Comp TIA Security+ Changes and What You Need To Know
The updated version will be launched October 2008. But, know that what you have or want to have in terms of Comp TIA certification is not obsolete. This is so because the 2007 edition will still be readily available to certify with up through April 2009. And this is good, especially considering that if you are still, in fact, preparing for the Comp TIA Security+ exam and CompTIA A+ exam, you will need to be certified – as it is required- through the 2007 edition first

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