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To come up with something creative  be it a movie, a book, or an advertisement  is no mean feat. It requires toil and sweat and even a small editing mistake can lead to sometimes hilarious, sometimes disastrous consequences. But humans being humans, will make editing mistakes  something which an intelligent viewer can quickly catch. Slip-ups  a website designed by some very observant viewers is an assortment of mistakes taken from different and well-known movies, books and television programmers. Of course, there must be zillions of such goof ups everywhere and this makes a comprehensive compilation quite an impossible task. However, the website team chooses the most interesting and amusing slip-ups that they receive.

The two sections worth checking out are dedicated to the top 25 slip-ups and the recent 25 additions to the database. The former section has the most popular slip-ups  the popularity is determined through visitor voting, so do not forget to rate anything that you read here. The latter section features the latest errors to be loaded in the database.

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What is interesting about the entries in these two sections is that if they belong to any movie or television show, there is a link in the sidebar which takes you to more errors in the same show. So if you find a ranking for an error in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and read up on it, there will be a web-link at hand, which you can use to discover more bloopers in the same movie.

Apart from random browsing, you can also access errors by categories. All the slip-ups have been categorized into books, movies, television and quotes. So if you are interested in finding out, for instance, the type of mistakes which can creep into books even after extensive editing, you can log onto the section on books and search.

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Other features are pretty similar to what would find on other sites. There is a newsletter which you can subscribe to which will give you updates. There is a feedback form which you can use to let the webmasters know what you think of their effort. Plus, if you have something of your own to share, you can send it for review. In fact, if you have some spare time on your hands, you can even apply to become an online editor. If you get the post, you will be able to review all the slip-ups that visitors send for posting to the website and select the most amusing and entertaining ones.

Overall, this is quite a hilarious website to surf  one, which can become quite handy if you are bored in your office or in a bad mood at home. Above all, if your boss chastises you for an editing error, you can always refer him/her to this website, and innocently comment on how much worse it could be.

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