Network+ 2005 Training – Domain 1.0

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Network+ is a vendor neutral networking certification. The Network+ certification is to certify technicians understand the basics of networking, the OSI model, can describe the features and functions of network components, has the skills necessary to install and troubleshoot networking hardware.

CompTIA has had the Network+ certification around for several years. It is updating the certification with the 2005 objectives. This tutorial is based on the 2005 objectives to give candidates a chance to understand the new certification requirements.

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CompTIA provides this overview of the “Domain Areas” covered by the Network+ 2005 objectives:

Network+ Certification Domain Areas % of Examination

Introduction to Networking
1.0 Media and Topologies = 20%
2.0 Protocols and Standards = 20%
3.0 Network Implementation = 25%
4.0 Network Support =  35%
Total = 100%

This tutorial covers Domain 1.0, Media and Topologies. Future tutorials will cover the other three domains. Before you jump into one of the domain areas above, you may want to refresh yourself on networking definitions and concepts in our Introduction to Networking section. This is great for people new to networking or people who need a refresher on key terms and concepts. This section also provides an overview for the networking topics you will learn in this course. In addition, has provided several free practice exams to help you prepare for the Network+ exam. is not affiliated with CompTIA or any organization whose trademark appears in this tutorial. offers free tutorial for CompTIA certifications but is not connected to CompTIA in any shape or form. Please do not confuse us for CompTIA. We are not a non-profit, though at times, we feel like we are.