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A+ credentials grill?
Which of 4 A+ certification i need the most? do i really want all 4?

A+ credentials job…?
I’m currently in school, getting an A.S. surrounded by computer science. I’d like to get an IT related situation while I’m in school for experience that I can put on my resume after I graduate and for money very soon. Could I get a job beside just an A+ certification? If so what variety of pay could I expect in Oklahoma?

A+ records?
Could I get a job beside just this certification but no other degree in computer related fields? I consider myself somewhat savvy near computers and would like to work with them. I’m plenty aware that the exams for it are fairly difficult but I have the time and will. What kind of job could one get with merely A+ certification?

About assembly terminology programming?
how to make an assembly language program that display the alphabets within descending order. and in slanting position.. i singular got letters from a to y? why is it?

About bank job surrounded by this economical condition?
Hi I would like to apply for banking work. whether banking jobs will also jump down like IT jobs? In todays situation The best to work is Banking 0r IT?

About Career prospects. how do u breed your cv look better.?
ok, i am studying for a university degree in electronic and computer engineering. but, i want my cv to look better and enjoy wide range of assignment opportunities. i am thinking of taking an online degree course within HND business management. so i want to know if employers good point like courses like that when they see it on a cv and whether it increases my likelihood of getting any job i apply for.

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About Career?
Hi Friends i have 2 question for my wisdom (1) what is the BSc (IT) if i choose this field then it is right for my furture relay me. i’m +2 non-medical (2) what is the importance of education surrounded by our life

About ccna?
i have completed ccna exam. last yr on may 29th 2006. do you suggest ccnp exam if i complete two papers now and the remaining two papers by 2009 may 29th will i haveto reappear for ccna exam or continue near the remaining two papers of ccnp.

About ccnp?
i wantto give ccnp exam . i gave ccna exam within may 29th 2006. and now in may 29th 2009 my ccna will expire. do you reflect it is late preparing for ccnp now. i want to contribute my ccnp exam fast before my ccna expires. do you construe it is late now preparing for ccnp first treatise

About coaching and employment?
i have an associate degree surrounded by computers. plus i also have a microsoft certification. i am also a tri-lingual. would it be dificult for me to find a brief that pays at lease $20 up per hour? i can network assemble computers, do network electric wiring in buildings, and also i am familiar next to routers, hubs, and switches, and i can design web pages contained by HTLM language. i have the requisites in programming. anyone please comment. thanks

About computer job & home job ?
Hi Iam new USA and now Iam working ing TARGET (Frankline,TN), and I hold a question if I want to get a untried job for something better, My last career in my country was Computers Repair (Software&Hardware), where on earth I can Find something same in TN, I tried in . And in the order of home woke, my freind told me that there is some companies send you quality newspaper to type it in MicroSoft Word and they pay for it, is depend surrounded by Words number, where I can find something like that ? thank you

About computer science situation marketplace?
I am a grad student with CS major,I will be 39 years aged when I graduate two years later.I heard it is freshly good for young guy to work on CS.40 years prehistoric may be too old to find a CS job. at lowest possible I need work to pay offf my dabt .quiting studying will be a better or nontoxic choice because I do not have finacial support.I have another point MEBS earned from other country.

About computer science?
how how much math and science am i using. what kind? and if i make this a profession whats wilol be the salary

About desktop job?
if i have knowledge on installing win 98se but i dont own knowledge about win xp or vista .can i swot up on my own or should i join institute like cms ? i have worked on desktop 3years back that time in my company most of workstation were 98se. i left the employment in 2004 . then i combined sify ltd enterprise and was working in ring centre which had no growth. later yr i left and now when i dance for desktop job interview i dont have confidence . joining instititues are gamble away of time and money. i sat 1yr siiting at home ideal .in a minute they want exp in desktop jobs surrounded by india like installing winxp, win 2003 server . what to do ? most of my friends are saying within are company where they want trainees or join any instititue to swot win xp or win vista. is it that if you know win 98se you can learn win xp win 2000prof on your searching within google sites.

About desktop/networking?
iam searching for desktop and networking job. which type jobs i should go techncal support executives voice base or Facility management desktop engineer position. where i will get to revise more . i have heard surrounded by international call centres surrounded by india there is very perfect career in desktop and network

About how much are classes for A+ Certification?
I was wondering about how much are the classes for the cert and the question paper. I know there is one place that does the network+ and A+ for 3500 I think and thats surrounded by 7days. But was just wondering roughly how much it usually is I live in south bend, IN

About job contained by JAVA/J2EE surrounded by USA?
Because of slump in the market ,how is brief market in java/j2ee technology within USA. And when actually the hiring process is high ? .I am travelling within November to US.

About job?
is there openings for network admin, system admin., desktop jobs in dubai or usa or uk ? i wantto progress to usa can i get jobs surrounded by these fields

About katalyst company?
in vashi station there is katalyst company . is it send for centre. and howm nay rounds are there for tech support type of work ? i am searching for hardware and networking charge i have done ccna

About most of us? (12 point!)?
technology makes communication easier in today’s world. Many general public choose to work at home in front of a computer screen. What peril does the society face depending on computer screens fairly than face to face contact as the key means of communication? Are we the prisoners of the progress? i’ll give u 12 points for d best answer! (make a composition pls if u can

About online assignment applications..?
yea. im 16 and looking for a job. i’ve only be filling out online applications. how long would it take for an employer to reply next to a yes or no on getting the job?

About Online job?
I was looking at a site called, and be wondering if anyone has really tried it. I am not trying to make a million dollars but am within college and could use my free time to do this like a normal errand? I encourage any feedback about the topic, even other sites associates may have tried.Thanks

About tech support job?
do you think for technical support voice base jobs there is breathing space ? or in FME desktop jobs is in attendance scope. more ? one get to cram more as we do it practically sitting in front of customer. but sal is very low for that 6500 while voice base sal is 15000pm. we dont get to learn as we troubleshoot next to the international clients orally on the phone. iam searching for desktiop job so which one i should select out of these 2 ?