CompTIA A+ Certification Programs

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A+ certification is also known as A+ Certification. This article talks about the steps necessary to pass the certification exam. A+ Certification is sponsored by The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) and it focuses on computer hardware. When deciding on a career in the field of computer technology, most people begin with the A+ certification course. This extremely popular certification, by Comptia, offers a foundation in computer technology. The A+ is a very important step in one’s career. Sometimes people that are new to something have no idea how to best further his or her career goals. Getting one’s first certification is something that he or she will never forget. Unless an employer will pay for the course, it is a good idea to decide upon self-study. Entry certifications are simply a foundation or a springboard to better and higher certifications, meaning more pay down the road. One should not spend too much on the first certification. The first exam in this ladder to more money is the A+ essentials exam.


MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification
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Studying for this certification teaches one the basics of computer terminology, such as hardware and software, and from an in depth angle. The A+ gives one an extremely useful foundation upon which to build his or her computer career. Hardly anyone will stop at just the A+ certification, as it is simply a building block in the road to higher certifications. Higher certifications mean better positions to choose from and more financial stability.

Once one passes his or her class, he or she has the choice to opt for the Remote Support Technician certification, the IT Technician certification, or the Depot Technician certification. Many opt for the IT Technician, as it gives a better knowledge of the entire field of computers, rather than just focusing on one specific detail. The Remote Support Technician and the Depot Technician certifications are more specialized and need not be taken unless one’s employment requires it.

people will then pay the fee and proceed to book their exam on the date they chooses. When one arrives at the testing center, he or she should do so thirty minutes prior to the start of the exam and have two pieces of identification as well. Once one has completed and passed the exam, the testing center will give him or her a sheet of paper stating that he or she has passed.

That can be used along with one’s resume when meeting with potential employers to let them know that he or she has passed A+ certification. The actual document will be mailed straight from Comptia to him or her, and this normally takes anywhere from two to six weeks. Now that he or she is certified, he or she can decide what their next step will be in his or her computer career. Remember, the further one goes with his or her studies, the further he or she can advance on his or her career ladder.

A+ Certification is a helpful for getting a job as an entry-level service technician as well as other computer professionals who wish to learn how to install, configure, upgrade, troubleshoot and repair computers. The A+ Certification is computer certification on its own but is it important for developing a foundation for advanced computer certifications.