CompTIA Network+ Certification

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The certification is provided by CompTIA to experienced IT professionals. It is required that the person applying for this certification should have a minimum of nine months of experience in the field of Network Support and administration. Network+ certification is an entry level certification that provides the basic stepping stone towards advanced certifications in this field which includes Microsoft MCSE and CEH from EC Council. Although there is no predefined requirement for this Network certification still it is highly recommended by CompTIA that applicant should posses an A+ certification. Nowadays in every sector computerized processing is used instead of manual labor. So that means connections between various processes are of utmost use, signifying the need of networks. So that means having such a certification can help you stay in high demand in almost all the sectors.


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The objective of Network+ certification is to ensure that the candidate has the ability and the necessary skills to handle any sort of Network related problems, be it installing, troubleshooting, or configuring basic network infrastructure. It also guarantees that the person do have a firm knowledge on basic designing principles. Fortunately unlike various other certifications you need to qualify just one single exam. The test is taken for about 90 min time span. You will be provided with 100 multiple choice questions, which are generally related to basic fundamental basics and applications of the subject. The test is available 4 International languages viz; English, German, Japanese and Korean, from you can opt for any. Still it is highly recommended to have at least nine months practical experience in this field and an A+ certification with you, to appear for the exams.

The main goal of the Network+ certification is to ensure the employers that the person need not be trained before hired and that he/she can easily handle difficult network problems. This helps you get first preference in this vast competitive world. To clear this test the most fundamental thing required is that you should be thorough with the networking fundamentals. To sharpen your skills there are various online tests available as well as study materials guides.