Is the CompTIA Network+ Certification worthwhile?

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I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and have a couple years work experience doing mostly QA (and a little development) on a networking related software product. Currently, I am not working and I was wondering if acquiring a Network+ certification would be worthwhile.

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The Network+ certification seems to cover rather general material about networking basics, so I’m afraid it may be a waste of my time and money. Since it’s not testing a specific product knowledge (Oracle/Cisco/etc) it seems not to be the kind of certification you usually see listed in job advertisements. So is it worthwhile?

* When you review resumes of QA engineers or entry-level developer positions do you place any value on a Network+ certification?
* Do you have a Network+ certification, and if so have you ever found it to be helpful in finding a job?
* Is there a more appropriate networking related certification for someone in my position? (Perhaps the Cisco Certified Network Associate?)
* Assuming a Network+ certification alone isn’t so worthwhile, then would a Network+ paired with a Security+, Server+, or Linux+ certification be worthwhile, or still not so hot?

I’ll appreciate all feedback and opinions, no matter what they are. Thanks!

I think every certification is worth while. It shows the employer that you are trying to learn more and you like what you are doing.

It shouldn’t matter what certification type you get either a CompTIA or a CISCO but they are specific to regions (e.g In Canada CompTIA is more popular while in USA and Europe “like” CISCO better).