Things to Consider When Choosing a Security Certification

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CompTIA’s Security+ certification is a globally-recognized, vendor neutral a certification exam that has helped over 60,000 IT professionals reach further and higher in their careers. The current Security+ exam (SY0-201) focuses more on being able to deal with security issues rather than just identifying them.

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The new exam covers six major topics: Systems Security, Network Infrastructure, Access Control, Assessments and Audits, Cryptography, and Organizational Security.

This third edition has been updated to follow and cover the new exam objectives. After reading this book not only will you be able to pass the exam but you will have a working knowledge of cryptography, security legislation, vulnerability assessments, logical access control methods, and much more.

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A good reference for both beginning security professionals and a seasoned IT person, this book goes beyond the exam objectives to cover the technology, and how that technology is currently being deployed in the business world and what the future of the technology may be. These insights provide the reader a look “inside” security, both today and in the future.

One important aspect to keep in mind regarding security certifications is the requirement to keep updated and current. While many other types of certification are not so strict on re-certification, the security field is one where the challenges to the industry can change rapidly – so the re-certification interval is definitely something to keep in mind if not for any other reason than the cost of updating.

Another thing worth remembering is that this is big business for the providers of these certifications. By the time you factor in exam fees, training courses, study material, licencing factors etc., you can see that there is big money to be made by the respective parties. To that end you’re likely to come across a lot of marketing information promoting the various benefits of each certification. Each will claim theirs is the best and offers the best market opportunities. Take their claims with a pinch of salt and do your own research into what each exam focuses on. Take your time to decide what the market is looking for (research job boards, talk to Microsoft exam I.T. managers, etc.) and look through the exam objectives of each offering to see if it compliments the direction you wish to take. Do your homework first and you’ll undoubtedly save yourself time, money and perhaps a little sanity.