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Windows vista is an Operating system which was developed by Microsoft in year of 2006. The previous name of Windows vista was “longhorn”. Windows vista has lots of inbuilt feature, it is more secure, more usable, more user friendly and more attractive for user point of view. These above feature was not present in windows earlier version in windows XP. If you want to get windows vista support, then you should remember some basis things about the Windows Vista like it’s hardware requirement as:


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Vista support CPU P VI and higher
Memory minimum 512 Mega Byte recommended 1 Giga Byte.

Some times people said that their Windows Vista run very slow, however they have minimum hardware requirement like 512 Mega Byte RAM. And they do not look after about recommended memory feature. Technically you should have 1 Giga Byte of RAM in your computer for smooth running Windows Vista. Because the graphics of Windows Vista is very high, which is consume more memory. It is good enough if you have an external graphics card.

Is normal user can troubleshoot and repair to Windows vista? Although generally normal user specially home users do not too enough technically sound, however they can troubleshoot Windows vista. Windows vista gives easy troubleshooting platform to user. It can diagnostics automatically and detect errors like hard disks error, faulty memory, any performance issue, loos network connection and shutting down problems. For more entertainment in Windows Vista there is inbuilt Windows Media Center, which is available in Vista Home Premium and Ultimate editions, earlier it had to purchased separately.

Some important feature of Windows Vista are:
New User Experience, including Windows Aero: It makes Windows vista similar to like Mac OSX. The appearance of windows, its desktop, start button, menus, taskbar everything got a new look. You can applied here Aero themes, which support 3D modes.

Windows Sidebar: It is a long, vertical bar that is displayed on the side of desktop. It can contain mini programs, which is easy access just one click when you want to open.

Windows Defender: It is the inbuilt spyware protection. For security reason it is very important.

User Account Control: If you want to that no one user can access some particulate application or program which is important to you, then with the help of it you can set security policy.

There are lots of more feature like:
Performance Center
The Instant Desktop Search
Network Map
Windows ReadyBoost
Windows ReadyDrive
Windows Media Center
Wireless Networking