Introduction to Computers And Its Use For Human Beings

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In this section, we will discuss about the Computer – What it is ? What is its use in our life ? Why one should be familiar to this term ? As we all know, human beings are becoming dependent on Computers. With a home Computer, you can balance your Check book, pay bills, track personal income and expenses, transfer funds, buy or sell stocks, and can evaluate financial plans. People deposit or withdraw funds through an ATM. At the grocery store, a computer track your purchases and calculates the money you owe.


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In Office, people use computers to create correspondence such as memos and letters, calculate payrolls, track inventory and generate invoices. Both schools and homes have computers for general purposes. Teachers use them to assist with the instructions . Students complete assignments and do research on computers in Lab rooms and at homes. On the Computer many people find hours of entertainment. They play games, listen to music, watch a movie , read a book or magazines, compose a video or retouch a photograph or plan a vacation. Through computers, society has access to information from all around the Globe. Instantaneously you can find local and national News, weather report, sports scores, stock prices, your medical records, your credit reports and countless forms of educational materials. You can send messages to others, meet new friends, shop, fill prescriptions, file taxes or take a course at your fingertips. People use computers as a source of communication. These communications are not limited to text. You also can transmit voice , sounds, video and graphics with today’s technology. With the use of computer you can see others while communicating with them. You can also send videos or photographs to your family, friends or clients.

What is a Computer ? A computer is an electronic machine, operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory. It accept input/data, manipulate the data according to specified rules / process and produce results. Data that are entered into a computer is called Input. After processing data, the final result is called Output.

Hardware – The electric, electronic and mechanical equipments that make up a computer is called hardware. Hardware is any part of computer that can be touched . like monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker, printer etc.

Software – software is the series of instructions that tells the Hardware how to perform tasks. Without software, hardware is useless. It works on the commands or instructions provided by the software. Now let us discuss about the parts inside system unit. The system unit is a box like case that houses the electronic components f the computer which are used to process data. It protects the internal electronic components from damage. The electronic components and most of the storage devices in a personal computer reside inside the system unit. Other devices such as keyboard, mouse, microphone, printer, speaker, scanner, etc. are normally occupy out side the system unit.