Follow the Simple Steps to develop the iPhone App and Submit it to App Store

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It is not as hard or as simple to develop an iPhone App that one might think. As many people have misconception that iPhone Application development is really very hard, I want to remove this conception and motivate them to go for it by following the steps mentioned in the article below.
“Cooking” up an iPhone application also involves a process similar to Cooking. You can find here the steps which should be followed from head to the bottom i.e. from an app idea to its upload on the iTunes.
It must be clear to you that creating an iPhone app or the iPhone application development is not entirely free; also you will need a Mac at some point and so need to use specific Mac-happy code to develop the application.

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Are you excited now? Follow these exhilarating steps:
1. Design a Smart and Unique Idea

Think of a unique idea and craft the design in a way that one want to use your app. Develop the app in a way that people can pay you for that as they will get more in return of their money.

Please cross check about your idea in the app store that there is no app having the same idea. If you found one, go for a better app which already exists.

2. Get a Mac and Register on Apple as an Developer
As the iPhone development tools are available only for Mac Users, so it is necessary to get a Mac to have your app in the App Store. Mac mini will also serve the purpose.

After having a Mac, go for the free registration to become an official Apple Developer by providing them with your details and agreeing to their terms. Only once the registration is needed. After registration, you can develop iPhone apps for any of the Mac products.

3. Download iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) and XCODE

Now you are an Official Apple Developer, you are allowed to download iPhone SDK. As SDK comes with all types of documents, sample codes and all the other things you might need later. So, the download is HUGE, and so will take a few hours. Do take care of its version, as it depends on the OS you are using.

As per Apple, “XCode is a complete, full-featured IDE built around a smooth workflow that integrates the editing of source code, with the build and compile steps, through to a graphical debugging experience – all without leaving the view of your source code.” So, go for this and download it.

4. Use the Templates in SDK for iPhone Application development
Start designing the app with the templates available in the SDK. In the SDK, you can find lot of templates to choose one from and also have great You tube clip tutorials to tell you how to use these templates effectively.
5. Program your App using Objective-C

Understand the basics of Objective-C and program your app. You can take screenshots as you precede that helps you remember what you tried. Time required by the apps totally depends on the app features and the details you want in it.

6. Test the application

Make the full use of the huge download of SDK you have done. SDK comes with a lovely iPhone simulator, load your app in it and test it on the simulator. Use the app in all the possible ways one can use and try to work out as many bugs as you can. Test it completely.

7. Upload the iPhone application on iTunes for Approval

Loading an app into iTunes costs a one time member fee of $99 (USD), and it is must to be paid. There is no way to get away of this amount. But, if your app is worthy, you can earn it back in many folds.

Test your App completely and work on all the issues and then submit for approval. Apple takes few days to approve it so be patient and wait for the response.